Road Tests

Weekend Road Test Dates

At our school
You will be using a driving school vehicle
(dates are subject to change)


18 Gaucher St. Springfield 

July 6, 2024
July 27, 2024


326 Sewall St. Ludlow 

July 20, 2024

*A Road Test Consent Form must be completed before you call to sign up for your Road Test. (413) 731-9900

Other Important Info

• Weekend Road Tests are conducted by a Civilian Examiner at our locations.
• Road Test Rental fee is non-refundable and needs to be paid before time of booking.
• If you are under the age of 18 you need to be certified by the Registry of Motor Vehicles in order to schedule a test. Click here to verify your certification. 
• Anyone who took drivers e.d. at a different school is welcome to do a weekend road test.
• You will be refused a road test if your learners permit is unrecognizable, ripped, unreadable.
• If you are under 18 and have a legal guardian they need to be present for the test and have original court papers with them

Videos to prepare you for your road test:

On Exam Day Bring:

• Learner's permit (no photo copies of permits allowed and permit must be legible).
• A Road test application signed by parent or guardian (click here for form)
(driving school is no longer supplying pens). If a guardian is signing the road test application, the guardian needs to be present the day of the exam with the court papers in hand. A photocopy of the court papers will have to be given to the examiners for the rmv records.
• If you have B restriction on permit you will need to bring glasses or contact lenses
*  Face mask during the road test are now optional.

How does my permit become a driver's license?
1. You need to pass your road test.
2. The examiner needs to put the students passing grade into the students rmv profile.
3. Students need to log into their RMV profile
4. All license fees need to be paid (all fees should be paid before your road test)
NOTE: You will only be allowed to drive by yourself when it says on your RMV profile that you have an active CLASS D LICENSE and the VALIDATION section on the back of the permit has been signed by the road test examiner. You may have a lawful presence issue if you do not receive your license in the mail within two weeks. You will need to make a walk-in appointment into the rmv branch to fix your issue.