Road Tests

Weekend Road Test Dates

At our school
You will be using a driving school vehicle and not a rmv vehicle at our locations.


18 Gaucher St. Springfield 

October 17, 2020


326 Sewall St. Ludlow 

October 31, 2020

*A Road Test Consent Form must be completed before you call to sign up for your Road Test. (413) 731-9900

Other Important Info

• Weekend Road Tests are conducted by a Civilian Examiner at our locations.
• Road Test Rental fee is non-refundable and needs to be paid before time of booking.
• If you are under the age of 18 you need to be certified by the Registry of Motor Vehicles in order to schedule a test. Click here to verify your certification. 
• Anyone who took drivers e.d. at a different school is welcome to do a weekend road test.
• You will be refused a road test if your learners permit is unrecognizable, ripped, unreadable, etc...
• If you are under 18 and have a legal guardian they need to be present for the test and have original court papers with them

On Exam Day Bring:

• Learner's permit 
• Road test application signed by parent or guardian (click here for form)
(driving school is no longer suppling pens)
• If you have B restriction on permit please bring glasses or contact lenses
* Must wear a face mask during the road test