COVID-19 Announcement


Online Classroom:
We will still be offering online driver's education classes until September 6, of 2022

Our summer dates will be posted very soon.

Driving Lessons:
Students are no longer required to bring a mask. A physical rmv printed permit is required for every driving lesson.


*Students will be using a driving school vehicle for their road test at one of our location at 18 Gaucher st in Springfield or 326 Sewall st in Ludlow.

Road Test at the RMV
Face covering updateThe Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is no longer enforcing a mask mandate.Therefore, effective immediately, the use of face coverings is strongly encouraged, but optional, for examiners, applicants, and sponsors during road tests.Sufficient mask supplies exist so road test examiners may continue to offer masks to applicants and sponsors interested in wearing one for the duration of the test.

Road test vehicle update at the rmv:
All Class D learner’s permit holders applying for a Massachusetts issued driver’s license will be required to supply their own vehicle for road testing beginning on Monday, May 2, 2022. Applicants scheduled for testing through a driving school should confirm they have access to the school’s vehicle for their road test.Private passenger vehicles used for a Class D road test must meet the following requirements, (including vehicles with an ignition interlock device, and vehicles with adaptive equipment for a competency test):
Be in good working condition and be able to pass a safety check.
Have a valid registration and current inspection sticker.
Contain adequate seating accommodations next to the operator for the use of the examiner and have a rear seat for the sponsor.
Be designed to let the examiner make an emergency stop using the parking brake. If not, the vehicle cannot be used for the road test.
Any vehicle with a center console that does not have a parking brake as part of the console cannot be used.
Any vehicle that does not allow the examiner unobstructed access to the parking brake cannot be used.

Here is the RMV link to sign up and to get up to date information on how to get a learner's permit.

New changes on how to get a learner's permit
1.Needs to be 16 years old
2.Make an appointment online to go into the rmv in person.
You will need to bring your Birth certificate, Social Security Card and show Lawful presence by bringing a bank statement, w2 form, report card or anther document with your name and address on it, please check the rmv website for more information on what document to bring.

Permit tests will no longer be done at the rmv, the student will be doing them at home.

The Rmv will be giving the student a form with the proper instruction on it and how to do the permit test at home and online.

•Print your permit and start driving (permit always needs to be legible when driving and on your possession )
•Still need to have the permit for six month and accident and citation free before going for a road test.

NOTE: You must have already turned 16 to go online and apply for your learners permit before the registry allows you to apply for it.

If you have any questions please email us at or send us a text at 1-508-969-1146

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