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School Evaluation "Your feedback is important to us."
How did you hear about "United Driving School" ?
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How would you rate the road Instructions?
A good experience, educational
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Who did your road instruction most often?
Was the road instructor:
Patient, informative, made you want to learn
Explained driving maneuvers&techniques well
Impatient&expected you to know what to do without instruction
Critized too often and was short tempered
On time, if no explain and please give us his name
What would you change about the "Road Instructors" ?
Your classroom experience was?
Very good
Unsatisfactory (Please explain)
Do you feel what you learned will assist you in being a better driver?
No (Please explain)
Overall, how would you rate your experience with UNITED DRIVING SCHOOL and would you recommend us to a friend?
Please give us any comments or suggestions that might help us to improve you driving education experience?
Thank you for your comments.
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